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Welcome to ARGoMAS Ltd, Glasgow

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ARGoMAS Ltd is a unique “one-stop-shop” independent consultancy, providing specialised management system services to a wide variety of business sectors in Glasgow, Scotland and the UK. Scotland’s other main cities Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Inverness, Perth and Stirling are also covered. If you require business systems certification to ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 product certification to BS EN 1090 or if your business needs include auditing or advisory services for any of these disciplines then we want to hear from you. Health & Safety support advice and training are also provided.

Formed on the key principles of improving efficiencies, keeping people safe and protecting the environment, ARGoMAS can help you to reduce the bottom line through integration of business systems, or outsourcing. Developing working relationships and taking pride in the quality of service, ARGoMAS works with a number of key clients in Scotland and the wider UK.

ARGoMAS has over 25 years experience in many industry sectors including oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, charities, housing, service trades. Our consultancy providers are experienced and proficient in the relevant disciplines including health and safety, environment, quality and products certification systems. Business planning, project management and training services are also provided.

Standards News

Both ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 International Standards were released in September 2015, with ISO45001 the replacement for OHSAS18001 released in March 2018. For further information regarding the changes please follow this link. ARGoMAS Ltd are well placed to provide gap analysis and transition planning, and can also provide training on the new standards.

Fast Facts

ISO9001:2015 will replace ISO9001:2008 - ISO14001:2015 will replace ISO14001:2004 - ISO45001 replaces OHSAS18001.
All standards now follow the common structure provided by Annex SL. To find out more about Annex SL click here.
ISO have produced guidance on the revisions to the new standards which can be downloaded here.

A handy PDF of all our services can be downloaded here.

For further information regarding the changes please follow this link. ARGoMAS Ltd are well placed to provide gap analysis, transition planning and training on the new standards. For further information please contact Andrew on 07735818611 or email

ISO 9001:2015is the world’s most popular certified quality management system. It helps businesses to provide their product or service in a consistent manner. The system documents what you do, and more importantly, helps you to continually improve your processes to meet and exceed customers and stakeholders needs.

ISO 14001:2015 is a certified environmental management system that is internationally recognized, and increasingly expected by stakeholders. It requires a business to manage its environmental responsibilities through commitments to legal compliance, pollution prevention and continual improvement.

ISO 45001:2018 helps a business to identify, manage and eliminate occupational health and safety risks and hazards. It has become the certified health and safety standard of choice. It can help you turn uncontrolled hazards into controlled risks, improve working conditions, and meet legal requirements – and save you money!

Business Planning and Development can assist your business to identify top level strategy and pursue realistic objectives to improve your business. This provides a structured approach to setting objectives, targets and implementing programme’s to achieve continuous improvement.